You have an endocannabinoid system (we all do) and it rocks! Here’s why!

Your endocannabinoid system is why you have the reaction to cannabis that you do. Without it, THC and CBD would have little or no affect on you. There are lots of healing effects to be had from marijuana, and without an endocannabinoid system you would not be able to take advantage of any of them. It is this which makes weed such a diverse and incredible medicine.

Marijuana is used to treat a wide number of illnesses and diseases. In the last couple of decades, science has helped us to understand the way that cannabis works in our bodies, why it has the effect that it has, and what is happening when we consume it.

The first cannabis receptor was found in the brain of a rat in 1988, and soon after this discovery scientists began to use a synthetic form of THC (now used to treat wasting syndrome and severe cases of nausea) so that they could map the CB receptors and where they are located in the human brain.

A couple of years later it was discovered that THC works by activating the cannabinoid receptors that are already present in a person’s brain. This was discovered on mice who were bred not to have an endocannabiniod system—when given cannabis these mice showed no effect from the drug.

Fast forward to now, and we know that our endocannabinoid system is an important part of our makeup. It does lots of things: maintaining many of our bodily functions, keeping bones healthy, preventing diabetes etc—it maintains the condition of homeostasis, and stops things getting out of sync.

Every year we are understanding more and more about the endocannabinoid system, and every year we are learning how we can benefit our health with medical marijuana. Scientists are actively working to test and find out more about cannabis and how it affects the human brain and body. Now that marijuana is legal for medical purposes in a growing number of American states, there is more ability to experiment and learn.

The best thing about cannabis, however, is that it is natural. If you are on a prescription for medical marijuana and you are worried about going on vacation, you should check out the cannabis-friendly accommodations listed on Bud and Breakfast. That way, you can take your vacation and keep up with your medication.

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