Weed Travel Location of the Month: Ibiza

Consider this a real one-of-a-kind opportunity to stay in style and luxury, enjoy cannabis, and also the thrill and beauty of a popular, fun and exciting island. You also get to stay in a very luxurious apartment.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Med. It’s most famous for the lively nightlife in Sant Antoni. This is the area which is attractive to many European DJs and music lovers as there are a number of large nightclubs in Ibiza Town.

In contrast, other parts of the island are well known for tranquility, yoga retreats and quiet sandy coves.Weed Travel Location of the Month: Ibiza

This cannabis-friendly accommodation is located in heart of Ibiza. You’ll find that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes here. You will be staying near great “foody” restaurants such as Yatiri,so suit those of you with a taste for the fine and exotic. If quick and easy is more your style, there are also fast-food joints that offer more standard foods such as restaurants like IPizza, with Talamanca Club only five minute away, and Pacha around two minutes away from the apartment.

How many people can come and stay? Plenty!  

This impressive property comprises four ultra-luxury bedrooms, all equipped with Central AC, heating, plasma TV, and king-size bed. Also, you have at your disposition three and a half elegant bathrooms, two of them with private jacuzzi. Beside the elegant fully-equipped kitchen, the apartment has as well WiFi, Central A/C, heating, 2 parking seats, concierge and doorman.

Smoking is allowed both inside and outside of the accommodation. You hosts will happily provide you with marijuana and vaporizer if needed.

Ibiza attractions include casinos, coffee shops, biking and sailing, fishing (including fly fishing) live music and theatre. There is an active night life on the island, but there are also some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

You can view this weed travel location and more on the Bud and Breakfast website. We also have lots of other marijuana-friendly rentals for you to explore.

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    Firuz naeimi

    Hi, I just moved here from Los Angeles and I’m in desperate need of a hook up. Please advise if you can

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      Sara Conrad

      Hello Firuz,
      We’d be glad to help, can you explain what you mean by “hook up”? If you are looking for a specific type of lodging we can help you with that, however we do not provide recommendations for dispensaries, and would never “hook” someone up with cannabis. Where are you interested in staying?

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    I had fun while I was in Ibiza during my vacation all thanks to this local vendor. Biggie hooked me with top shelf bud and meds in Ibiza.