Alaska is a great destination for the cannabis tourist, here are the top 3 cannabis accommodations for the weed-savvy traveler to consider. All of these beautiful properties, and many, many more, can be found on Bud and Breakfast.

Cannabis Accommodations in Alaska

Bowmans Bearcreek LodgeCannabis Accommodations in Alaska

Bowmans’ Bearcreek Lodge features seven beautiful log cabins available nightly including a five course dinner for your party in our Dinner House.

What guests are saying:

Almost a paradise “Very scenic. The outside view of greens and river streams eases nerves. Wood cabins are comfortable for sleeping. We opted for horse riding and fishing. Salmon recipe was the highlight of the dinner. There are a lot more to do other than smoking”

The Bluff HouseCannabis Accommodations in Alaska

If you fancy a sit in the garden or to pick a fresh berry or vegetable, then you are in the right place.

What guests are saying:

Beauty personified. “I was amazed by the beauty of the inner and the outer surroundings. The building is so beautifully built that you can get an aerial view of the surroundings. The interiors have been fantastically constructed and whether was so chill. What more can I ask?

Alaska Cannabis Accommodation Bed & BreakfastCannabis Accommodations in Alaska

A small, quaint bed & breakfast with spacious accommodations and grounds for guests. Marijuana allowed at the fire pit area.

What guests are saying:


This place is really spacious “Accommodation was for 6 but we were 7 and still found the space comfortable. Vast parking space and living room with enough of couches to rest and watch TV. The patio offers a great view of greens. Love the kitchen space and its amenities. We prepared some great food for smoking party.”

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