This week our cannabis travel location of the week is the hippest neighborhood in Denver! Marijuana is allowed both inside and outside the building. It accommodates three, and pets are allowed too, so pack Fido up and come visit Denver!

The style of this place is epic. Once one large single house, it is now split up to accommodate more people, but is hasn’t lost that superior style. cannabis travel location

This turn of the century mansion has been beautifully carved into condo units in the heart of one of Denver’s best neighborhoods. Scenic, trendy, walk to everything! There is plenty of safe and free street parking if you have a car. Inside there is every comfort of home if you want to stay in and cook or chill.

And we all know that Colorado is the place to be for cannabis travel this year. There is so much to do in the city of Denver that is weed-centric since the state made it legal for cannabis to be used recreationally. We love that there is a really chill vibe and a definite cannabis “scene” in Denver — and also in the surrounding areas such as Boulder.

Cannabis education is important if you are new to smoking weed, so going somewhere that you can walk into a dispensary and ask questions is important. In states where cannabis is legal such as Colorado, the doors have been opened in terms of allowing people to fully explore the marijuana scene and also have access to high quality cannabis products.

That is what weed regulation allows for: good quality.

At Bud and Breakfast we love to support hosts who understand the benefit of cannabis and who are open to helping others seek the therapeutic value of weed when they travel. Especially if you are a medical marijuana patient, you need to go to places where you can use your prescription to keep your body and mind healthy.

Check out this property and others over at Bud and Breakfast!

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