Accommodations that welcome marijuana use are on the up as cannabis tourism increases.

What is cannabis tourism?

Cannabis tourism is the process of allowing people who want to consume marijuana while they are traveling to do just that. It is also making the most of the weed’s interesting history and providing cannabis tours and educational seminars. Due to the numerous physical and psychological benefits associated with medicinal marijuana, more and more holiday-makers are looking for accommodations in which they can relax with weed.  This has really upped the demand for cannabis friendly hotels and other places to stay where weed is welcome.

Bud & Breakfast is the future of weed-friendly travel and we invite you to join us by listing accommodations. Our clients span the globe with hosts locations in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, D.C., California, Hawaii, Jamaica, Canada, Holland, Uruguay and Spain.

Why is cannabis-friendly tourism a growing industry?

Because more and more people are using the weed. As research further proves the medicinal benefits of marijuana, those who use it for its healing properties want to continue to do so as they travel. Others, who use cannabis to relax also want to do so when they are on vacation.

Cannabis for medical use is a growing industry, and now that weed is becoming legal in more and more states over America, travelers who use marijuana for its healing properties want to continue to do so while they visit and travel.

This is not to mention the increasing number of states that are legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

What does 420-friendly tourism mean for my accommodations?

Accommodation owners are beginning to understand how the changing attitudes toward weed are going to affect their business, and that in order to stay competitive, they too need to embrace cannabis-friendly travel. If you have a rental property, you should be considering what weed tourism can do for your business. If you have any questions about how to proceed, Bud and Breakfast are here to answer those for you and guide you through the process. Remember, there is a growing body of evidence that pot is safer than alcohol, and most accommodation hosts find the cannabis tourist to be respectful and happy customers.

At Bud and Breakfast, we believe that the world is a better place when weed is legal. The interesting history of the cannabis plant shows that human civilizations have used marijuana for most of their time on earth. The healing properties of the plant are incredible, and there is no reason why it cannot be enjoyed in a sensible fashion. Hosts can have rules about when and where smoking is allowed on their properties, so really, there is not much difference between the cannabis tourist and any other traveler.

How do I get involved?

Join us! Create an account with Bud & Breakfast  to list your accommodations with us. Hosts pay no up front or monthly costs, just a 3 percent commission. This fee covers the cost of processing guest’s credit card payments. Bud and Breakfast charges guests a service fee of 8 percent to help cover the costs of running our business.

Our one-stop, “go to” site for niche travel will expose hosts’ excellent accommodations to the kind of visitors they want. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, so marijuana travel may be the next big industry.