Our 420 vacation of the week is somewhere that every weed traveler should want to visit: Jamaica!

Who doesn’t like the sound of white sand and clear blue sea—and of course that’s not to mention the blue sky that accompanies it. Yes, we are talking about one of Jamaica’s most famous and loved features: the beach.


Horseback riding, biking, wave watching and sand castle building are just a few of the things that you’ll get up to on your vacation. A perfect family treat with something for everyone’s tastes.

But there is more to Jamaica than the sand.


You visit to Jamaica will allow you to taste some of the most delicious seafood that you have ever had. The area is full of restaurants that serve up outstandingly fresh seafood—there’s a reason that we say to take a taste of the Carribean. Willapa Bay Oysters, Dungeness Crab, and Chinook Salmon are all things that you may have had frozen in more land-locked states, but have you tried them fresh caught?

Fish is not all the area has to offer in terms of culinary delights. The regional food is creative and includes all sorts of unusual spices. Your senses are going to love exploring all the tastes that are available to you.


This is one of the most chilled out places that you could ever want to visit. We know that marijuana has many healing properties, one of which is the way that it allows you to relax. However, unless you live somewhere where weed is legal, consuming marijuana can be far from relaxing. When you take a break and travel to a place where you can enjoy cannabis at your leisure, your troubles will disintegrate!

420 Vacation of the Week: Hotbox Jamaica

Located on the lush North Coast of Jamaica, this cannabis accommodation is the 420 travelers dream. You’ll love the ocean views—take a hike up to the Hotbox’s own ganja river! There are also hot springs and waterfalls to explore. The main thing that you are going to appreciate on this holiday however, is the vibe. You can smoke weed inside and outside the accommodation. The hosts are happy to provide vaporizers for those who prefer to consume weed this way.

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